Agile Property Services – Wairarapa

Agile Property Services offers a range of services specifically for ‘Residential Property Investors’. With over 15 years of experience in the investment property industry and locally born in the Wairarapa, we take pride in understanding your portfolio requirements. As property investors we know what is required to gain the right value out of your residential investment.

Our property finding, management and maintenance services require minimal input from you as an investor, instead you can take a hands-off approach and invest in a region that has many opportunities.

Agile Property Services recognises that owners want and need to maintain a regular investment income stream and that the preservation of their property is important. By finding the right property and selecting tenants who seek to establish a home environment during the time they are in their rental homes, Agile Property Services can fulfil owners’ requirements. Quality homes, whether they are family homes, townhouses or flats, when proactively maintained, attract quality tenants.

Our relationships with specialists within the region, our comprehensive knowledge of the New Zealand tenancy law and regulations allows a total package offering.

Agile Property Services gives personal attention to the needs of a property investor. Information relevant to each residential investment is provided to you in a professional manner. As the owner, you do not lose control of your investment business instead you can enjoy the benefits with minimal effort. You will receive regular updates via email or mail and be kept up-to-date with proactive maintenance and special events that may occur.

So contact us for any Wairarapa property finding, management or maintenance requirements.